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Happily Engaged Members &Visitors


Have all the tools necessary for publishing effective content for visitors and members. Easily publish sermons, events, and articles to help others grow in their faith. Sync them with your mobile church app to provide easy access to resources wherever a person may be.

Sermon Manager

Extend the effectiveness of your message beyond the sanctuary door with our newly redeveloped Sermon Manager. Stream audio and video Files and provide outlines. Connects with iTunes Podcast service. Our Websites can also work with your SERMON AUDIO account if you so choose.

Calendar & Events

Keep your congregation up-to-date with all that's happening around the church with a beautifully formatted and easy-to-use calendar that integrates directly with your website. We can also incorporate your Google calendar too.

Articles & Pages

Engage your congregation through daily or weekly blog posts. Take the presentation of your articles up a notch with an image library of thousands of free Creative Commons CC0 images right in your editor. No need to scrounge the web for images or worry whether they are copyrighted.

Photo Gallery

Show what goes on at your church with a photo album, all completely synced from Facebook, Instagram, or our internal content management system. Can be password protected.

Page Builder

Don't be limited to simple content pages any longer. Our drag-and-drop page builder with dozens of pre-installed content templates will have your pages looking great without any HTML knowledge.

Stock Image Library & Editor

Take the look of your pages and articles to a new level with an image library of thousands of free stock images. No need to scrounge the web for images or worry whether they are copyrighted. Find images for sermon series, articles, or events to give your website a professional look.

Responsive Design

Users are spending more time surfing the web on mobile and tablet devices than ever before. We create websites that have a responsive web design in order to deliver optimal viewing and usability no matter what size screen your user has.

Video Tools

Add your YouTube channel to your website and app to give your visitors a preview of your ministry. Add video to the Sermon Manager as well or embed your live feed.


Member engagement is always a difficult thing with our without technology. Utilize tools built into your website and mobile app to help engage members in new ways and make it easy for them to participate more in activities and ministries.

Beautiful Forms

Easily create amazing forms that are mobile responsive without writing any code. Create signups, registrations, contact forms, and more.

Signup Sheets

Make it easy for your members to sign up to bring items to luncheons and other events with a digital signup sheet.

Push Notifications

Send up to 500,000 push notifications a month right from your phone to all your mobile app users, with the press of a button. Great for breaking news, reminders, the start of an event, weather closings, and more!

Internal Ad Promotion

Have a special event coming up like a conference of VBS? Create an internal advertisement that will pop up whenever a user opens his or her app.

Maps and Directions

Provide visitors with user-friendly Google maps on your website and mobile app which makes it easy to find your location.

Church Directory (App)

Create a profile protected church directory on your mobile app for members to easily communicate and find each other outside of church.

Live Broadcast Player

Allow users to watch or listen to your church service live, right inside the app, on their mobile devices. Works with most video streaming services.

Social Integration

Connect with members by integrating your social media channels into your website and app to more effectively utilize all of your digital assets.

Prayer Requests

Allow members to easily send prayer requests from the mobile app or the website.

User Groups

Set up user groups like a session or deacon board, general members, or small groups. Push notifications to specific groups that you want to engage. Give permissions to various parts of the app to different groups.

Chat Room

Your mobile church app supports chatting between users who are signed in and have access to the chat room. Use it to submit prayer requests, encourage others with discussions.


Not only do you have tools to invite visitors and engage members, but RM's digital packages are set up with the goal of providing evangelistic tools for your ministry and your members. Invite new people to your church through the app with a simple click.

Share App

Expand your ministry further by equipping your members with a Mobile App which can be shared with others at the click of a button. Put your ministry and its resources in the hands of unbelievers and potential visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website and mobile app are optimized to be readable for search engines. All pages and articles come with the ability to add keywords to help page ranking, and it even helps you find the best words to use.


Sermon Manager is set up to connect to Apple's iTunes Store so you can broadcast your sermons beyond your website. Add your logo, content, and tags to help others find and connect to your podcast.

Online Giving & Tithing

Increase tithing and giving for your ministry. No setup fees and no monthly cost, only a low 2.9% transaction fee + .30¢ per transaction. Integrates seamlessly with your website and app. It comes with a free SSL certificate so you can be confident your donor's information is safe.


Your digital package includes great security measures to protect your content. Be assured that your site will be monitored, updated, and online at all times. Find easy-to-use tutorials to train yourself or someone else on your team how to use your digital ministry tools. Track the effectiveness of your website and mobile app.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate serves as a digital "passport" that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks - protecting credit card transactions, signups, and other sensitive information. It also helps with your ranking on Google Search.

Easy Video Training

Don't be left trying to figure out how to manage and build your online presence. Our maintenance plan includes over 100 training videos that will keep you publishing your message for years to come. Make it possible for others on your ministry team to easily learn.

Security Pro

Viruses are continually scouring the web seeking whom they may devour. Stop attacks before they happen. Our maintenance plan puts security and backup protocols in place that help keep your site safe.

Personal Support

Find tech support and outreach advice from a company that is grounded in the Reformed tradition and holds to Reformed theology. We make it a goal to help churches use these tools to the best of their ability.

Daily Content Backups

We schedule your backups once and it automatically backs up your websites daily to a cloud location off of the website server. Your files will be safe and can be restored within a short time. We've got your back!

Track Your Statistics

Track how your website is doing online and see how many people have downloaded your app to give you a greater idea of what people are using and what resources you might consider focusing on.

It's been said to do the job right you must have the right tools. We have worked hard to find the right tools to help your ministry thrive.